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Construction Management, h20, Full-time


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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Language Studies
Swedish 3
Swedish - Oral Skills 0                                                        
Swedish - Writing Skills 0                                                        
Finnish 3
Finnish - Oral Skills 0                                                        
Finnish - Writing Skills 0                                                        
English 3  
Research Methodology 3    
Statistical Methods, Documentation and Writing 3      
Constructions and Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Academic Studies 3
Project Building Wooden Structures 6
Starting and Runing Your Own Business 3    
Functions and Equations 1 3
Geometry and Vectors 3
Functions and Equations 2 3
Introduction to Building Techniques
Soil Mechanics and Foundations 3
Concrete Technology 6
Building Materials and Techniques 6
Introduction to Structural Design 3
Introductory Work Safety and Construction Law 3
Basic Physics for Construction 3
The Residential Building
Building Physics in Housing Production 3  
Building Design 3  
AutoCAD Drawing 3  
Foundation Engineering 3  
Concrete and Masonry Structures 1 6  
Wooden Structures 1 3  
Steel Structures 1 3  
Cost Calculation 3  
Digital Tools for 3D Planning 3  
Building Mechanics
Structural Statics 3  
Structural Mechanics 1 3  
Mechanics of Materials 1 3  
Building Conservation and Renovation
Surveying Buildings and Plan for Maintenance 3    
Investment Calculations 3    
Technical and Physical Measurements in Buildings 3    
Indoor Climate and HEPAC 3    
Construction Chemistry 3    
Concrete Work 3    
Construction and Site Management
Site Management and Production Planning 6  
Building Information Modeling 3    
Project Management and Quality Assurance 3    
Construction Management Tasks 6    
Contract Offer and Contract Agreement 6  
Case Study in Site Management 10    
Environmental Engineering and Soil Mechanics 3    
Community Development and Infrastructure 3      
Student Internship 1 10
Student Internship 2 10  
Student Internship 3 10    
Degree Thesis 10      
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 61 64 59 16 27 34 27 37 21 38 16 13.5 13.5 12 12 10 9 18 12 15 10 7.5 13.5 14.5 13.5 10 8 8

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.


In this degree program, students are trained for many different tasks related to construction and a sustainable development of the community's built environment as construction supervisors. This means building new and renovating existing buildings.

The construction supervisor's work is technology-focused but also very human-oriented. Construction supervisors often work with different project and supervisor tasks, at the same time with many people in different roles. Some construction supervisors also work in various sales tasks within construction, so human contacts are important in the construction supervisor's profession.

In addition to building technology and materials, the studies include: economics, environmental aspects, leadership, project work and individual work as well as sustainability in construction and social development. In this degree program, students deepen themselves in project and work management, ie learning to lead construction that results in well-built sustainable houses and buildings, buildings to be proud of the rest of their lives.

The studies in the program are realized through lectures and exercises, both in groups and independently. It also includes excursions and compulsory internships, and individual company-based studies in management for all students. Partly included are virtual studies. The company-placed studies in work management are generally placed in medium-sized or large construction companies.

The central part of the studies is that they prepare you to have a central role in the construction industry in creating a sustainable and climate-smart society. Characteristic of the construction supervisor's profession is that you have to work with many people and in the long term with issues of crucial importance for sustainable development. The result of the work is lasting for many decades.