Study guide

Novia offers education that leads to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. In addition, specializations, open UAS courses, various forms of independent studies and in-service training are organized. This promotes continuous learning.

The content of the education is described in the curriculum. The curriculum is based on a description of generic competences, which has been approved by Arene and on branch specific core competencies developed by the Degree Programs in collaboration with the respective branch of industry.

Novia's curricula are competence-based and describe how the studies are structured. In competence-based curricula, the learning objectives for the education are defined. The learning objectives describe what a student should know, understand and be able to do as result of the learning process. The content of the curricula is continuously developed, based on evaluations and development discussions with stakeholders. Each beginner group gets its own curriculum and it is the basis for each student's individual study planning.

The curriculum contains descriptions of the studies. The same course can belong to several curricula and can be offered several times. A realization is created each time the course is to be implemented.

All the realizations that belong to a course are visible in the curriculum. The content and way of implementing the course can vary in different realizations, such as time and place, performance methods, teaching methods and study material. The curriculum is designed so that the course descriptions describe what is kept unchanged from one realization to another, while in the description of the realization is described what can change from one academic year to another or between different realizations during the same academic year.

Careful descriptions of the realization are published in Peppi from the academic year 2019-2020. For courses completed before July 31st 2019, the implementation has been described in the form of an execution plan. (

The teacher, who implements a course, plans the realization before the course starts. In the planning stage the teacher includes details in the description of the realization. If there are courses in the curriculum that have not yet been implemented, there is no information about the realization before the teacher has planned it.