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Elective Studies within Culture 2020-2021


All compulsory

MK13AN05 Creative Writing 3 cr
VAL210024 Improvisation 3 cr
ÖH20-002 Songwriting for the Asian Music Industry 4 cr
VAL20969 Fine art photography 5 9 cr
VAL20025 Performance practise of Baroque music online 2 cr
VAL20026 Text, breathing and affects 2 cr
VAL20027 Movement and affects 3 cr
VAL20028 Baroque music performance project 4 cr
VAL20123 Vocal coachning 5 cr
VAL210023 Sångcoachning för kvinnliga körsångare 3 cr
IPWA20001 International Project Week Antwerpen 3 cr
VAL210028 The Musical; Tjugo sekunder, part 1. 5 cr