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Agrolog (YH), Bioekonomi, h22


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The goal of the Bachelor of Natural Resources education is to provide students with a broad and practically and theoretically well-established higher agricultural education, where both science and sustainability principles as well as UN's global goals according to Agenda 2030 constitute an important foundation.

Central to the studies are knowledge of planning processes, production in agriculture's various subject areas (plant cultivation, animal husbandry, economics, agricultural technology and forestry) as well as sustainable use of natural resources. Agrology students learn to understand the interactive interplay between cultivation, environment and society.

Agrology students participate in versatile studies that emphasize biological, technical, economic, social and culturally sustainable conditions for agriculture. Theoretical studies are combined with practical exercises in the field, in the forest, farm based training and internships.


A Bachelor of Agriculture:
- can in a systematic and sustainable way perform and supervise basic work in all areas of agriculture.
- has a good communication ability in the subject area in Swedish, Finnish and English and masters the industry's central digital tools.
- can actively act as a rewarding partner in the national and international networks of the agricultural industries.
- has knowledge and can apply relevant legislation to the agricultural industries.
- is aware of various rural policy programs at national and EU level and understands how these affect the operating conditions.
- possesses sufficient knowledge, competence and initiative to be able to start, develop and take over the operation of rural companies.