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Elective Studies within Technology and Seafaring 2023-2024


All compulsory

TKV18VA02 Hot Work Card 1 cr
TKV18VA01 Work Safety-Card 1 cr
VAL20016 Basic Mathematics for Engineering 3 cr
TRÄ21WC05 Wooden Buildings: Climate Performance and Life Cycle 3 cr
VAL23005 Chartering Course 3 cr
VAL23007 Basic Course in Hydrogen Technology 2 cr
VAL23008 Basic Course in Battery Technology 2 cr
VAL230013 Sustainable Strategic Leadership 1 cr
VAL230014 Risk Management 1 cr
VAL230015 Circular Economy 1 cr
VAL230019 Introduction to AI 3 cr
VAL23011 Sustainable Wooden Structures and Life Cycle 3 cr
BK2301 Battery Basics 5 cr
BK2302 Battery Chemistry 5 cr
BK2303 Battery Manufacturing 3 cr
BK2304 Battery Energy Storage Systems 2 cr
BK2305 Second Life and Recycling of Batteries 3 cr
BK2306 Automation in Battery Manufacturing 5 cr
BK2307 Cross Cultural Skills 2 cr
BK2308 Maintenance Technology 5 cr
VAL230021 CO2 Measurements 1 cr
VAL23025 The Basics of Sustainability and Circular Economy 3 cr
VAL23026 Social Sustainability in Working Life 2 cr
VAL23027 Circular Design 3 cr
VAL23028 Circular Business Models 2 cr
VAL23BYS01 Industrial internship, infra 15 cr
VAL23BYS02 Industrial internship, site management 15 cr
VAL23BYS03 Industrial internship, structural design 15 cr
VALBYI2301 MathCad 1 cr
VAL24BYS01 Sustainable traffic solutions 1 cr
VAL24004 Introduction to AI 3 cr
VAL23090 Swedish in Working Life 3 cr
VAL24006 National Competition in HVAC-design 2 cr
VAL24012 Tutor mathematics learning 3 cr