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Elective Studies within Business Administration 2023-2024


All compulsory

FEKÅ18VAL01 Forum for Team Leaders 3 cr
VAL22018 Elective studies in tourism 5 cr
VAL22036 Marketing Project 5 cr
FEKÅ19KM03 Statistics 3 cr
VAL20006 Accelerator - Build a customer oriented businessidea 3 cr
VAL21041 Business Environment and Competition 5 cr
VAL21042 Personnel Management and Sales 5 cr
VAL21043 Key Performance Index and Leadership 5 cr
VAL22012 Team Consultant Forum 3 cr
VAL22017 Board work 5 cr
VAL230016 Introduction to Digital Commerce 2 cr
VAL230017 Digital Marketing 2 cr
VAL230018 Business Intelligence 3 cr
VAL230020 Management Accounting 5 cr
VAL23003 Event Management 5 cr
VAL23010 Storytelling for Work 5 cr
VAL23022 Financing and Financial Markets 5 cr
VAL230022 Successful Leadership in Service Organisations - A Course for You 2 cr
VAL230026 Marketing With an Aim: How to Define and Reach your Goals 3 cr
VAL230027 Marketing 101: Learn to Navigate in the Marketing Jungle 3 cr
VAL230028 Markting With an Aim: How to Define and Reach Your Goals 2 cr
VAL22024 Elective Studies in Marketing 5 cr
VAL22050 Elective Studies in Accounting 5 cr
VAL23023 Strategic Marketing Project 3 cr
VAL23032 UX Design 5 cr
VAL24005 Work and Study 5 cr
VAL24008 ChatGPT in Tourism Companies 3 cr