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Elective Studies within Business Administration 2022-2023


All compulsory

TK05TY01 German 1 3 cr
FEKÅ18VAL01 Forum for Team Leaders 3 cr
VAL22021 Circular Economy, Workshops 2 cr
VAL22036 Marketing Project 5 cr
FEKÅ19TPE02 Professional Teamwork 5 cr
VAL20006 Accelerator - Build a customer oriented businessidea 3 cr
VAL21026 Management Accounting 5 cr
VAL21041 Business Environment and Competition 5 cr
VAL21042 Personnel Management and Sales 5 cr
VAL21043 Key Performance Index and Leadership 5 cr
VAL22001 Ekonomi med excel 3 cr
VAL210029 Spanish 1 3 cr
VAL22005 Go Abroad 1 cr
VAL22015 Strategic Business Communication and Sustainable Business - a Cross-cultural Perspective 5 cr
VAL22012 Team Consultant Forum 3 cr
VAL22013 Community Manager at NÅA Business Center 5 cr
VAL22017 Board work 5 cr
VAL22019 Introduction to Circular Economy 3 cr
VAL22020 Circular Economy, Hackathon I 2 cr
VAL22031 Individuals, groups and leadership - Come along! 3 cr
VAL23002 Graphic Design 5 cr
VAL2301 Finnish and Indonesian Business Culture 5 cr
VAL22035 Leadership in a Service Organization 3 cr
VAL23009 Leadership in Serviice Organizations 2 cr
VAL230010 Introduction to marketing - a crash course 3 cr
VAL230011 SoMe marketing 2 cr
VAL230012 How to set measurable goals in markting 2 cr
SPRFISTÖD Support Course in Finnish 3 cr