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Elective Studies within Culture 2021-2022


All compulsory

KU18VA01 Event with interactive game productions 3 cr
MU22BS01 Continuo Playing for baroque singers 3 cr
VAL220006 Optional Singing & Instrument studies 1 5 cr
VAL220013 Sound Multimedia Lab 3 cr
VAL220014 Participation in Campus Allegro's Culture Days 2022 2 cr
VAL220015 Project Pronoia 3 cr
VAL220016 Låtskrivning med inriktning på Melodifestival/Eurovision (not translated) 4 cr
VAL220017 Låtskrivning med inriktning på den Asiatiska musikindustrin (not translated) 4 cr
VAL220018 Elective ensemble projects 1 5 cr
VAL220001 K-POP 4 cr
VAL220002 J-POP & C-POP (Japanese and Chinese markets) 4 cr
VAL220003 Eurovision Camp 4 cr
VAL220004 Studio live recording, mixing & mastering 4 cr
VAL220005 Regional Concert Tour 2 cr
MU21HCP01 Piano C1 5 cr
MU21HCP02 Piano C2 5 cr
MU21HCP03 Piano C3 Examination 15 cr
VAL220008 Harpsichord and continuo playing 1 cr
VAL210022 Sångcoachning för manliga körsångare, 3 sp 3 cr
VAL210025 Electronic dance music and trackmaking 4 cr
VAL210026 Topline and modern vocal production 4 cr
VAL210027 Music Business & Administration 4 cr
VAL210030 Phonetics 3 cr
VAL21K01 Interior Planning Project 3 cr
VAL22005 Go Abroad 1 cr
VAL22900 Photo exhibition 2 cr
VAL220012 The Musical; Tjugo sekunder, part 1. 10 cr