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Elective studies within Health and Welfare 2020-2021


All compulsory

VÅV18BV10 Fördjupad vaccinationskunskap (not translated) 1 cr
VÅV16BV10 Remedial teaching in human physiology and anatomy 1 cr
VÅV16BV13 Remedial teaching in drugtherapy 1 cr
VÅV16BV12 Remedial teaching in clinical microbiology 1 cr
USS15UV07 Current professional practice in health- and nursing care 3 cr
USS15UV09 Current professional practice in health- and nursing care 5 cr
NU18IA05 Nursing Finnish 3 cr
VÅV19BV13 Support substances in drug therapy 1 1 cr
VAL20012 Addiction and Treatment for Young people 5 cr
USOÅ15VSB04 Child and Family in Challenging Life Situations 5 cr
USOÅ15VSB02 Resource Promoting Didactics within Early Childhood Education 5 cr
VÅÅ13VA07 Work-based studies 3 cr
NU18IA04 Nursing Swedish 3 cr
VAL19009 Violence in close relationships 5 cr
VAL190010 Multi-cultural care 2 cr
VAL20010 Acute paediatric care 2 cr
VAL20013 To Promote Participation among Young People 5 cr
NU20PRE01 Basic Mathematics for Nurses 5 cr
VAL20024 Practical client work - challenges, security and involvement 5 cr
VAL20888 LOVe 1 cr
VAL21015 work based studie 5 cr
VAL21016 Current professional Practices 5 cr
VAL21017 Trends within Social and Health Vare 5 cr
VAL20034 Introduction to Service Design 1 cr
VAL20035 Lean and Service Design 5 cr
BA20VB04 Biomedical Laboratory Methodology 3 cr
VAL20039 Monelle - Interprofessional knowledge in the care and rehabilitation of client 3 cr
VAL21018 Nordic Health and Welfare 3 cr
VAL21019 The MindSpring Method 5 cr
VAL21022 Working against violence in a local and global context 3 cr
VAL21024 Visual Communication in the Work with Children 5 cr
VAL21025 Entrepreneurship in social and health care 5 cr
VÅV18BV09 Basic vaccination skills 2 cr