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Socionom (YH) h21, flerformsstudier, Åbo


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Society and Profession
Introduction to Academic Studies 5                                                        
Swedish 3                                                        
Swedish - Oral skills 0                                                        
Swedish - Writing skills 0                                                        
Interprofessional Social- and Health Care 5                                                        
Professional Ethics and Professional Interaction 3                                                        
Introduction to Social Policy 5                                                        
Basics of Social Work 5                                                        
Introduction to Sociology 5                                                        
Socio-pedagogical Work
Introduction to Social Pedagogics 3                                                        
Development and Learning 5                                                        
Functional Methods 3                                                        
Socio-pedagogical Work among Children and Families 5                                                        
Socio-pedagogical Work among Young People 5                                                        
Internship: Socio-pedagogical Work 9                                                        
Social Case Management
Finnish 3                                                        
Finnish - Oral Skills 0                                                        
Finnish - Writing Skills 0                                                        
Client Work and Service Guidance 5                                                        
Mental Illness, Mental Health and Crisis Work 5                                                        
Social Gerontology 5                                                        
Disability Services 5                                                        
Vocational Guidance 3                                                        
Social Work I
English 3                                                        
Child Protection, Youth Welfare and Family Work 5                                                        
Social Work in Schools 5                                                        
Addictive Disorder and Substance Abuse Care 5                                                        
Internship: Social Work 15                                                        
Social Work II
Research and Development Methodology 5                                                        
Integration Promoting Social Work 3                                                        
Crime Prevention Work and Criminal Justice 5                                                        
Internship: Advanced Theory-based Training 15                                                        
Leadership and Development
Entrepreneurship within Social and Health Care 3                                                        
Working Life Skills and Employeeship 3                                                        
Leadership and Development Work 5                                                        
Internship: Workplace-based Studies in Leadership and Development Work 6                                                        
Degree Thesis 15                                                        
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Elective Studies
(Select 30 ECTS)
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.


A bachelor of social services is an expert on helping, supporting and mentoring people and promoting human development. The bachelor of social services promotes people's ability to cope in everyday life and refers them to the service they need and produces service. The bachelor of social services develops service and works together with different customer groups.

The bachelor of social services works with people of different ages. As a bachelor of social services you have the opportunity to influence people's overall well-being, functional ability and quality of life. The bachelor of social services promotes equality between people and social participation and realizes social security in a human and social justice way. The bachelor of social services enhances people's participation in society and promotes the well-functioning of society.

The studies are based on national common areas of competence for vocational college education in the social field. The areas of competence include ethical knowledge in the social field, knowledge in customer work, knowledge of service systems, critical and participatory social knowledge, development knowledge based on research and leadership competence. The content of the studies is based in particular on the social and social sciences

The education emphasizes the professional knowledge needed for the various fields of work in the social field. The aim of the studies is to train creative, reflective and conscious professionals, who appreciate their own knowledge and have a strong professional identity.

A bachelor of social services who studied at the Turku campus can work in interprofessional teams, is creative, development-oriented, responsible and can apply resource-enhancing methods in client work.

The studies include 30 credits of elective studies.

The degree may include studies in Early Childhood Education and Social Pedagogics (60 ECTS) The positions and competences of the staff in Early Childhood Education were changed in accordance with the new law 1.9.2018.


Se bilaga Kompetenser för socionom YH (not translated)